Tips for a relaxed New Year’s Eve

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Tips for a relaxed New Year's Eve

Many dogs and their owners are already feeling queasy when they think about the next New Year's Eve. Because for some dogs the loud bang of rockets and other loud noises are pure horror and very stressful.
As you can hardly escape the firecrackers, we are sending you some tips with this newsletter that will make the New Year noises a little more bearable for your dog.

How to behave best.

Even dogs, which are otherwise not afraid of anything, hide behind the sofa or in their dog basket on New Year's Eve. The pops and lightning bolts in the sky are quickly too much.

As in many difficult situations, the dog orients himself on you.
Therefore it is essential, that you yourself remain calm.

Do not leave your dog alone during this time.

Pet him and offer him closeness.

But refrain from showing too much that you feeling pity for him or feel sorry.

Don't scold either, because that only increases the fear.

Also remember to take him outside, only on a leash. It could bang anywhere at any time and your dog could run away in fright.

What you can do at home.

Create a place of safety for your four-legged friend.

Close the shutters so that no flashes of light unsettle your dog.
Turning on the Radio or TV can distract from the fireworks. However, do not turn up the volume too much.

Create a little cave by putting a blanket over your dog's basket, or use a pheromone plug.

Distraction can also help. Play with him and keep him busy, for example with a treat-ball – or do a little training session together.
Certain dogs also accept wadding in their ears or headphones.

Who knows, maybe the fireworks will be a little less this year, because of Corona. But we will probably not get around the bang.

In any case, we hope that you and your dog have a happy new year.

Yours curli Team
With the dog's safety and comfort in mind
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