The cooling Air-Mesh material

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The cooling air mesh material

Summer heat is back and that can be particularly dangerous for your pet dog.  Hot, sweltery wheather affects every dog differently, depending upon its breed, age, weight and overall health.
In this newsletter, we’ll point our several very important things about caring for your dog in extreme heat and why the air mesh material in our curli harnesses is ideal for hot summer days.

Dogs don't sweat like humans

Sweat helps control body temperature in humans.  As the water in the sweat evaporates, the surface of the skin cools.  But this pleasant cooling effect that occurs when sweat drops evaporate on the skin is largely denied to dogs.
Dogs‘ only sweat glands are located above their paws, but these are insufficient to regulate their entire body temperature.
To regulate body temperature, dogs mainly rely on the mouth, tongue and nose. They give off excess heat in the form of "panting". The rapid breathing circulates warm air out of the body through the mouth and the saliva that evaporates on the tongue provides cooling. 

Dangers of the heat

The heat carries risks for dogs, which owners must be aware of in order to protect them from excessive heat. 
Particularly important:
Provide the dog fresh water to drink!
Don't leave dogs alone in the car!
Cars heat up extremely quickly in the blazing sun. This means that cars can become a deadly trap within minutes - despite what might seem like relatively pleasant outside temperatures.
Signs of heat stroke include excessive panting, sunken eyes and an empty, dazed look. Other signs of potential overheating include overall weakness, listlessness, vomiting and diarrhea.
If the dog shows such signs, he should be brought into a shady location as soon as possible, supplied with fresh, cool drinking water and, if necessary, also wrapped with wet compresses to cool down the body temperature.
Walks should preferably be scheduled for the morning or evening hours to avoid the stinging midday heat.
You should also be aware that surfaces such as asphalt or cement can become very hot and the dog's sensitive paws can be injured from the heat.
It is much better to choose a shady path to ensure a more comfortable walking temperature. Dogs who like to bathe can also refresh themselves by jumping into the cool water. Our curli harnesses are ideal for this.

The air mesh material

The Air-Mesh Material 
The air mesh material we use for our Vest, Basic and Belka models is characterized by a particularly high air permeability.  This is what enables these unique harnesses to provide such an effective cooling function.  Simply immerse the harness in cold water. If the harness is put on the dog afterwards, a pleasant and long-lasting cooling effect is created.
The water is stored between the fabric layers of the air mesh and thus contributes to the heat exchange, which keeps the dog cool despite the hot outside temperatures.
It is these fabric layers that also ensures the dimensional stability and ergonomic comfort of the curli harness.
Our Air Mesh harnesses are not only ergonomically cut and very light for maximum comfort, they can also be used to cool your dog comfortably and help ensure its health and well-being.
Yours curli team
With the dog's safety and comfort in mind
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