A harness made of plant-based Apple Leather


We are proudly presenting the new curli Premium Collection: The Apple Leather curli Clasp Vest Harness.

It is made of highly innovative, plant-based, hybrid leather – animal friendly and with your dogs well-beeing in mind. It combines functionality, performance and ergonomics of the awarded curli Clasp Harnesses, with especially valuable material and design.

When developing a premium line of the successful curli Clasp Collection it was a matter of principle to us to put weight on the choice of innovative material and the best solution imaginable regarding design and functionality: 

Apple Leather is produced from side products of the apple juice industry using most modern techniques, avoiding the use of non-renewable materials as far as possible and significantly reducing carbon emission.

The result is a high-quality, plant-based leather that not only is much softer and thus more comfortable to wear than conventional leather, but guarantees a much better performance in terms of longevity and durability compared to animal leather. Apple leather is highly resistant and easy to clean. The fine perforation makes your Apple Leather curli Clasp Vest Harness breathable and gives it an extra stylish look.

In other words apple leather is just the perfect material to transfer our vision and promise regarding the quality of our products to a new curli Premium Collection.

For a perfect connection between you and your dog.

Why using Apple Leather

We find inspiration in our heritage – in the nature of the swiss mountains. 
Apple Leather as a natural plant-based, hybrid leather providing all features needed for a save, durable, high performance dog harness.

Design Process

Every curli Harness is designed with focus on ergonomics, functionality and safety for your dog. As mountain guides and outdoor experts we put our experience testing reliable gear for over 30 years, in your curli harness – with your dogs safety and comfort in mind.

Thinking ahead

At curli we put weight on the best possible solution in every subject. Thinking the New is something we take for granted, especially when it comes to innovation, animal well-beeing and sustainability.


The Apple Leather curli Clasp Vest Harness in a nutshell: See the factsheet of the Apple Leather curli Clasp Vest Harness for detailed product information.

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