Lok System, rotatable and separable

Using it as a leash allows you to guide your dog safely next to the street as you are off the running track, without having to carry an extra leash to your workout.
As soon as you are on your running track - simply separate the leash from the handle and attach it to the Lok Waist Belt.

Padded hand strap

To have an optimal and comfortable grip the Lok Leash has a neoprene padded hand strap.

Ultra light snap hook

We created a safety snap hook, that is lightweight and therefore doesn't disturb the dog, when attached to the harness.
The extra lightweight snap hook is safer for your dogs back when you work out with him.

Dog waste bag dispenser

All of our leashes have this small tool, where you easily can attach a poop bag for your dog, to always have one at hand.

Adjustable length

Quick and easy adjustable length, for different uses from 140cm / 4.59feet to 240cm / 7.78feet.
Use it short to walk your dog to your running trail and extend it for your workout.

The adjustable multi-functional leash, with the unique, expandable Lok system
Lok Basic Leash

MSRP USD 42.99

  • Length adjustable from 140cm / 4.59feet to 220cm / 7.78feet, quick and easy
  • Lok connection system for expanding the lead with Lok System products
  • Extra lightweight carabiner, less weight and safer for your dogs back
  • Swivel point at the Handle with the Lok connection system. Light weight Snap hook
  • Padded wrist strap for secure and comfortable hold
  • Dog waste bag dispenser
  • Ring for attaching the dog to a fixed object
  • Padded handle, comfortable and optimal grip
  • For dogs up to 60kg / 132lbsg

  • Hand Wash / No fabric softener / Do not tumble

    0.2778 lb
    Belts: Polyester/PU / D-Rings: Zync-Alloy / Snap Hook: Zinc-Alloy
    The Story behind
    The Lok-System is another milestone in the history of curli. Used in conjunction with the Lok Leash Basic, it is the perfect solution for jogging or walking. Everything fits and can be easily combined.
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