Accessories and fixation ring

In everyday life we realized that it is very useful to have an option to attach accessories, this is why we added this functional ring.

Dog waste bag dispenser

All of our leashes have this small tool, where you easily can attach a poop bag for your dog, to always have one at hand.

Padded hand strap

To have an optimal and comfortable grip the Basic Leash has a neoprene padded hand strap.

Two-fold belt

Through using a two-fold belt, we increase the stability of the whole leash.

Doubled safety seams

To create a long product life span the Basic Leashes are sewn together with doubled safety seams.

Colour fitting safety snap hook

Not only the colour of the leash matches our harnesses, also the safety snap hook of the leash has the same colour like the safety rings on our harnesses.

The color matching dog leashes to the curli harnesses, with comfortable neoprene wrist strap and small metal D-ring to attach personal items or waste bags.
Basic Leash

MSRP USD 17.99

  • 140cm / 4.6feet x 1.5cm / 0,59" (M) or 2cm / 0,78" (L)
  • Metal ring to attach accessories
  • Dog waste bag dispenser
  • Matching safety Snap Hook and ring as curli harnesses
  • Padded handle, comfortable and optimal grip

  • Hand wash / No fabric softener / Do not tumble

    0.1102 lb

    Belts: PP / D-Rings: Zinc-Alloy / Snap Hook: Zinc-Alloy

    The Story behind
    Unfortunately, we often have to put our dogs on the leash. Therefore, we wanted to make a virtue out of necessity and developed the Basic leash. In everyday life, we realized what is required of a leash. And most importantly, what features are needed to meet those demands. Our leash is made of nylon and neoprene and has a padded hand strap – making it as diverse and useful as a pocket-knife.