Using the latest technological innovations and processes, apple leather is made from plant based materials like the residue of apple juice. In this way it carries a future-oriented concept of carbon neutrality and environmental protection which reduces the use of animal leather and non-renewable materials.

The result is a durable, environmentally friendly leather – smooth to the touch and of high quality.

Apple leather offers many advantages compared to conventional animal leather: Among other things, it is softer and therefore offers much higher wearing comfort and is also washable.


Use the Apple Leather Adjustable Leash on three different lengths. You can also attach two dogs at the same time to it, or use it hands free when you put it around your shoulder. It is especially convenient to attach the leash to an object like a chair or table, when you visit a Cafe or Restaurant with your dog and want to have your hands free.


All of our leashes have this small tool, where you easily can attach a poop bag for your dog, to always have one at hand.


The Snap-In safety hook design, allows a quick attachment to the harness, with just one hand.

The Snap-In safety hook and rings are colour matching to the aluminium curli clasp from the Premium Apple Leather curli clasp harnesses.

CLOSED Zink-Aluminium Rings

The metal D-rings are made of "one-piece", which means that they have no weld, which makes them stronger and more reliable, when you attach the leash on it.


The Apple Leather Harness and the Apple Leather Leash are special curli premium products that you and your dog will surely enjoy for a long time.

The curli Apple Leather curli Clasp Harness and the Apple Leather Leash bring together our know-how as Swiss Harness Specialist, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and plant-based, hybrid leather in a unique quality.

We emphasize this with a 5-year manufacturer‘s guarantee on the durability of the Apple Leather.


The Adjustable Apple Leather Leash is not only super-soft and even softer than regular animal leather, it is stretchable and shock absorbing, for the very best grip, control and security!

The new premium leash made of highly innovative plant based-leather.
Apple Leather Adjustable Leash

MSRP USD 69.99

  • 200cm / 6.56feet x 1.5cm / 0,59" (M) for dogs up to 25 kg / 55 lbs
  • 200cm / 6.56feet x 2cm / 0,78" (L) for dogs up to 40 kg / 88 lbs
  • Highly innovative hybrid vegetable leather made from apple juice production side-products
  • Super-soft (softer than regular animal leather) stretchable and shock absorbing, for the very best grip, control and security
  • Washable with high resistance to abrasion and durability
  • Environmentally friendly, thanks to state-of-the-art 2nd level upcycling and the greatest possible avoidance of non-renewable materials
  • Multifunctional: 3 way adjustable leash with closed metal ring
  • Matching safety Snap Hook and rings to the curli clasp premium apple leather harnesses
  • Safety „Snap-In“ Hook
  • Dog waste bag dispenser

  • Hand wash / No fabric softener / Do not tumble

    0.2094 lb

    Belts: Apple Leather / Snap Hook and D-Rings: Zinc-Alloy (colour-matching to the aluminium curli clasp, of the Apple Leather curli clasp harnesses)

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    curli Premium Collection made of animal friendly plant-based Apple Leather