Using the latest technological innovations and processes, apple leather is made from plant based materials like the residue of apple juice. In this way it carries a future-oriented concept of carbon neutrality and environmental protection which reduces the use of animal leather and non-renewable materials.

The result is a durable, environmentally friendly leather – smooth to the touch and of high quality.

Apple leather offers many advantages compared to conventional animal leather: Among other things, it is softer and therefore offers much higher wearing comfort and is also washable.


Like all the curli harnesses from the award-winning curli Clasp collection, the Apple Leather harness is light and super-soft.

The highly innovative vegetable hybrid leather is even softer than conventional animal leather.

The perforation of the apple leather makes it permeable to the air.

Together with the optimized cut, it offers maximum freedom of movement and ensures maximum wearing comfort.


The Velcro fastener offers an additional size adjustment option - for the perfect fit.


Perfected tension distribution thanks to the straps directly worked into the seams of the harness and an improved higher tension mount. If your dog pulls on the leash, this guarantees an optimal tension distribution over his whole body. So that he doesn't have an uncomfortable feeling and his neck is protected against injuries


With our harnesses the pressure does not take place in the dog's sensitive neck region.

With a view to your dog's well-being, the pulling force is absorbed - in contrast to a collar - via the chest area.

The pulling force of the leash is distributed over the whole body of the dog and not just on the sensitive neck area.


The Apple Leather Harness is a special curli premium products that you and your dog will surely enjoy for a long time.

The curli Apple Leather curli Clasp Harness brings together our know-how as Swiss Harness Specialist, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and plant-based, hybrid leather in a unique quality.

We emphasize this with a 5-year manufacturer‘s guarantee on the durability of the Apple Leather.

DogFinder™ ID

The DogFinder™ is a unique additional feature exclusive to curli products and at no additional charge!

The service is free and will provide you with a valuable extra service to help you recover your dog in the event that it should go missing.
On your curli harness you just have to lift the DogFinder™ flag on the side of the harness and register your unique DogFinder™ serial number.

Enter the details on the secure database attached to the curli server. It is possible to register multiple harnesses for the same dog or multiple dogs for the same owner!
The system is simple and runs itself twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

If a missing dog with curli harness - and registered DogFinder™-ID - is found, the finder can follow the information on the DogFinder™ logo and report the dog as "found" on our website.
Immediately the dog's owner will be informed that the missing dog has been found.

This is how the DogFinder™ helps to reunite dog and owner as quickly as possible.

Click to go to the DogFinder™ website


The world's simplest and safest harness closure: The curli Clasp harnesses can be easily closed with one hand, according to the CLICK.SNAP.GO idea, making leashing exceptionally stress-free.


High-strength, Aluminium material for the clasp, withstands tensile loads of over 250kg!

The “curli clasp” reduces also noise and weight. Eliminates the “clicking” sound of metal parts.

The perfect combination of an elegant leather look with the highest quality: The world's first vegan dog harness made of apple skin leather.
Apple Leather Harness

MSRP USD 79.99

  • Highly innovative hybrid vegetable leather made from apple juice production side-products
  • Super-soft (softer than regular animal leather) and extra-lightweight for maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Washable with high resistance to abrasion and durability
  • Environmentally friendly, thanks to state-of-the-art 2nd level upcycling and the greatest possible avoidance of non-renewable materials
  • Comfortable, stress-free leashing according to a CLICK.SNAP.GO idea
  • High-strength, ultra-lightweight aluminium version of the curli Clasp
  • Significantly improved ergonomics and optimized fit due to new 3-D Comfort Fit pattern and new size scale
  • Perfected tension distribution thanks to bands sewn into the seams of the harness
  • Zig-zag seams for flexible tension distribution
  • Size adjustable with Velcro to fit the body shape, lined buckle and therefore no pressure points
  • DogFinder ID to help you find your dog in case it gets lost

  • “Wipe clean with a damp cloth” Use a cloth moistened with water then wrung well, and wipe gently to clean the product surfaces. Can only cleaned using mild soap and water, but never with bleach or alcohol.

    0.1036 lb

    Fabric: Apple Skin Leather, PU, Nylon / Velcro: Nylon / Belts: Nylon / curli Clasp: POM, Alloy

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