Mission Values

Mission (Why)

curli designs dog-friendly products that owners can trust.

We give owners better tools to communicate with their dogs and keep them safe.  

At curli, we believe a well-made harness is the kindest and safest way to control a dog. A harness allows owners to gently but firmly communicate commands, deepening the bond between dog and owner.

We aim to make the best dog harnesses on the market: excellent quality, innovative features and an ergonomic design, based on extensive field testing with dogs of every shape and size.

Differentiation (How)

curli’s founders are two professional guides from Switzerland who’ve spent 30 years researching and testing the best kit to keep their clients safe in the mountains.

They decided to apply their technical gear expertise to create a range of dog harnesses that lead the market for innovation and quality.

All curli products undergo a rigorous in-house research and development process, based on the latest veterinary science research. Each new design is tested by our panel of many canines, helping us to ensure a perfect fit for every breed.

Only then are our designs put into production with our manufacturing partners, hand-picked to ensure they share our commitment to excellence.

Promise (What)

The wellbeing of dogs is at the heart of everything we do at curli. We believe dogs (and their owners) deserve the very best.

Every decision we make when designing and manufacturing our products must pass this test: “is it best for the dog?”

That’s why we use premium materials to create our range of colourful, super-lightweight harnesses.

It’s why we spend so much time on every small detail, such as reflective seams or pressure-reducing padded buckles.

And it’s why our customer reviews are full of praise from owners delighted to have finally found a harness that fits well. 

We work tremendously hard to get our sizing right, because it’s crucial. A well-fitting harness is not only more comfortable for the dog – because it reduces slipping and chafing – but it dramatically improves how effectively the owner can control and communicate with their pet.

curli provides the same high standards of service to our distributors and retailers. We aim to be the best suppliers in the dog harness category, building strong long-term partnerships by delivering a proactive and professional service.