Magnetic Vest Geschirr Air-Mesh Red

Magnetic Vest Geschirr Air-Mesh Red

MagneticVest Geschirr Air-Mesh Black

Magnetic Vest Geschirr Air-Mesh Black

Magnetic Vest Geschirr Air-Mesh Red

Magnetic Vest Geschirr Air-Mesh Red

MagneticVest Geschirr Air-Mesh Black

Magnetic Vest Geschirr Air-Mesh Black


The self closing harness that‘s as light as a feather

Magnetic Hundegeschirr

Imagine, you have to wear a jacket that weighs six kilograms (or 13 pounds). Not a particularly comfortable thought. Many dog harnesses are far too heavy in relation to the dog’s body weight. That‘s why we improved our design and reduced the weight to 56 grams (or just two ounces). If you convert this to human terms, it equates to wearing a light, casual jacket. In addition, the harness has two magnetic D-rings on the right and left. They stay together, so that you can easily attach or remove the leash with just one hand.

Function & Design

  • Magnetic D-Rings: easy to close and to connect the leash with one hand
  • Step-in harness, quick and easy to put on
  • “3D Comfort Fit” for perfect adaptation to the dog’s anatomy
  • Only 56 gr / 0.1lb (Size 2XS), the best harness in terms of weight and function on the market
  • Size-adjustable with Velcro fastener, easy to adjust
  • Crossed webbing straps for optimal tension distribution and protection against neck injuries
  • 360° reflective piping and 2 reflective stripes on the neck for extra safety in the dark

3d-comfort-fit 3D Comfort Fit


Lightweight, air permeable stretch Air-Mesh cooling effect when immersed in water


hosted in Switzerland Swiss cross

The DogFinder™ is a unique additional feature exclusive to curli products and at no additional charge! The service is free and will provide you with a valuable extrafunction to help you recover your dog in the event that it should go missing.

Magnetic Hundegeschirr

Ultra Strong Pocket Leash

The smallest, lightest and strongest leash

From our time in outdoor sports, we know that every tool needs to be small, light, comfortable and functional - without compromises. We apply this principle to our new Ultra Strong Pocket Leash. All components are made of the best materials that modern technology has to offer. The base material is Dyneema, a high-quality fibre, which is 1.7 times stronger than steel. For the hand strap, we use variable webbing for more comfort and with the splice technology we achieve unbreakable seams. In addition, we integrate a stainless steel snap hook-carabiner. All of these components combined create the most compact, lightest weight and strongest leash on the market.

Function & Design

  • Ultra strong Dyneema rope 1.7 times stronger than steel
  • Spliced loops on the Dyneema rope for a long and safe product life span
  • Variable Webbing hand strap, the most comfortable hand strap on the market
  • 2 lengths available: 160 cm/63″ & 110 cm/43″
  • Pocket foldable, the leash disappears in your pocket it‘s so small and foldable
  • Ultra light, it feels as if you do not have a leash in your hand
  • Stainless Steel snap hook, 5 times stronger then regular snap hooks
  • Dog waste bag dispenser; to always have a poop bag at hand

Size-Chart Magnetic Vest Harness

Measure along the lines outgoing from the * withers.

  • Size
  • 1 - Shoulder / cm
  • 2 - Chest / cm
  • 1 - Shoulder / inch
  • 2 - Chest / inch
  • 2XS
  • 24 - 28
  • 28 - 32
  • 9,44“-11,02“
  • 11,02“-12,59“
  • XS
  • 28 - 30
  • 32 - 36
  • 11,02“-11.81“
  • 12,59“-14,17“
  • S
  • 30 - 32
  • 36 - 44
  • 11.81“-12,59“
  • 14,17“-17,32“
  • M
  • 32 - 34
  • 44 - 48
  • 12,59“-13,38“
  • 17,32“-18,89“
  • L
  • 34 - 42
  • 48 - 54
  • 13,38“-16,53“
  • 18,89“-21,25“

Cools - when immersed in water

The water is stored between the mesh, acting as a heat exchanger - keeping your dog beautifully cool even in the hottest weather.

This comfortable curli vest-harness is the best choice for your dog - even during the summer months - due to this unique cooling function.


Also for the car

Together with the car safety belt, the Vest harness from curli is also suitable for relaxed and safe excursions by car.

car safety belt