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What curli stands for

Leader in communication on specific channels

One of Europe’s leading suppliers of premium dog harnesses and accessories.

Extraordinary attention to detail and a scientific approach to functionality and design unmatched in the industry, inspired from mountaineering and winter sports.

This graphic is intended to help you to better understand curli as company and strategic brand. So that you can see how we and our partners work together successfully.
What curli does and what we stand for


For us as a brand it is essential to be known as

We are positioning ourselves as THE specialist in the industry with a focus on developing the best harnesses for dogs and owners.

In doing so, we also emphasize our origins and refer to the typical Swiss characteristics - reliability and accuracy down to the smallest detail - with always the highest quality in mind.


We don‘t sell volume – we sell solutions. That means it is not our goal to sell the most, but it is our aim to sell our customers exactly what they need.


We want to become the most popular brand in the dog harness category worldwide.

Price Category

Positioning of our products in the middle to high price segment.

Business area

We want to create the best harnesses in terms of form and function. To reach the perfect form we see ourselves in tailoring business, because the perfect 3D-cut is required for the best solution and perfect fit on a dog‘s body.

In terms of funciton we bring years of professional outdoorexperience to develop light harnesses with an optimal tension distribution which dog owners can rely on.

Dog/Human Relationship

We believe a well-made harness is the kindest and safest way to control a dog. A harness allows owners to gently but firmly communicate commands, deepening the bond between dog and owner.

We want to support stress-free communication and dog training through our products.


As the Harness Specialist we develop solutions and bring new industry-changing innovations to the market.

Innovation Timeline

Since the establishment of the brand in 2010, we continuously bring innovations to the pet industry.

We have a clear plan that we are following and we have already planned ahead for the next few years - take a look at our innovation timeline to see the innovations so far.

Just scroll down to see it full size.

Anker Brand

Building a strong brand through communication and a high quality product customers can trust. We want to anchor the brand curli as the Swiss Harness Specialist in the mind of the customers, therefore we have a clear corporate identity and brand image to create strong brand awareness.

The target group should know curli – and is supposed to visit a store because of the brand.


When developing our products, we attach great importance to the creation of unique selling propositions which make a difference for dogs and their owners.

Story Telling

We have a special background from which we develop our products, which we communicate. From the beginning, the well-being of the dog is at the center of our considerations.
This makes the difference and helps our customers trust the brand and understand curli better.
Story of curli


We tailor solution-oriented products that customers can trust and with which they can gently keep their dog under control. We sell the customer exactly what he needs - and nothing more.


The dog finder is a useful tool that is only offered by us and is integrated in each of our harnesses. It is another safety factor in our harnesses in the event that the dog gets lost. With it we offer a valuable additional benefit for our customers, free of charge.

Target Group

Our target group are educated women, 27 to 45 years old who live in an urban environment.

Social Media Community

We want to build a strong community on all our communication channels and especially social media. In order to strengthen the brand image, arouse the interest of new potential customers and ensure that existing customers develop an even closer bond with the brand. Interested customers should be directed to the website via social media and the other channels.InstagramFacebook


We have more than just a Website – we have a fully comprehensive Media HUB. Components from social media are integrated, as we want to provide their users with information via our website. In addition to the extensive information, we want to present our products in an appealing way in order to increase interest. The aim is that customers develop a clear intention to buy a curli product when they are on our website and to use the Shopfinder to find out where curli products can be bought in their area.

Media HUB

From our Website we created a life data Media HUB where we not only communicate but make information and media available for our distributors and retailers.
We ourselves use the same data from the platform, which is why our partners are always up to date.

Product Pictures

Product Pictures in high resolution - categorized by product.

Action Pictures

You will find useful pictures of the products in use - from action to emotion pictures of the dog and owner.


Here you find what you need to know about a product at one glance. USPs, Size Chart and other important product specific information.


Useful files and documents are clearly structured and are constantly expanded and updated live.
From logos, the CI guideline, the communication plan, to washing instructions for the individual products, you will find what you are looking for.


In addition to advertising videos and short advertising teasers, you will also find informative videos that describe our products in detail. These can be used excellently for internal product training, for example.


Product-specific stories for use online and especially in social media channels. They tell the day from the point of view of a dog who uses curli products with satisfaction or present products in a gameified form in a small quiz.


From our B2C website you can directly access the integrated Media HUB. Our B2C website also provides access to our internal B2B website.
In order to use it and order our products from there, retailers or distributors must register beforehand. There we work with a live inventory management system that shows our partners the current inventory and enables simple orders.
But product-specific information can also be loaded there to be integrated in the retailers inventory systems and direct links lead to our Media HUB.

Print Media

A large number of different print out documents can be found on our Media HUB.


It is easy to sign up for our newsletter, which is also available online. These newsletters are created on the basis of our communication plan. In addition to news and information on products, there is also general valuable and educational information about dogs that can be used for customer advice.

Product Packaging

We attach great importance to the design of informative and appealing product packaging for a great appearance on the point of sale.

Brand Marketing

curli does brand marketing, so we advertise our brand to our target group, but do not sell directly to end customers.
Our goal is to encourage the target group to buy our products in the store near them.
Therefore we have the curli Shopfinder and communicate with our target group in a way that arouses interest in the brand and our products. In particular, directly on our social media channels and on our B2C website.

For us, sales are more of a „side effect“ of our efforts to position the brand.


Distribution is our sales channel to sell our products to our target group. The products reach the customer via the distributors and the offline and online sales channels of their retailers.This allows us to fully concentrate on developing new innovations and promoting brand marketing.It is therefore necessary for our partners to carry out certain actions independently using the media and documents on our Media HUB.

Retail Marketing

Our partners need to generate awareness and interest in our products and drive the target group into their stores. Besides the brand communication they also need to make sure that they train their sales representatives, do promotions and place the products accordingly on the POS. Useful media and documents are therefore available on our Media HUB.

Brand Communication

A variety of media for brand communication can be found in our Media HUB. From product images sorted by product, photoshoots with emotion images, to advertising videos. Of course also logos and a CI / CD guide for the correct implementation. You will also find useful news, print outs and social media campaigns that retailers can use in their social media profiles.

Sales Training

Our partners need to understand curli as a strategic brand, what we bring closer in training. Of course they also have to be able to explain the advantages of our products to customers, which is why well-trained sales staff are essential. To do this, we provide information on all of our products on our Media HUB.


The aim is to sell the right product to the customer and not to bring the product to market at a low price. The promotions of our distribution partners should be communication driven and not price driven sales actions.
Our partners should present the brand accordingly with the curli-media on all channels available to them. The use of the media from the media HUB is essential for this.


We have different POS material for the optimal presentation, for example dealers can find suitable curli displays, magnetic foils and table stands.

Something we are particularly proud of is the size sample test set for our Vest Harness harnesses, so that customers can determine the exact harness size of their dog at the POS by trying them on - and the goods that are sold remain protected and free of hair and dirt.

We know that a harness should never be more than 2% of body weight, but many are two, three or four times heavier than that!

Innovation Timeline

- Over 140'000 DogFinder registrations -

Consumer Feedbacks


Having a older very short leg doxie Little romeo its always been a issue trying to fit him with a harness that his little legs will not fall out half way out the door.. I saw this in a pet shop downtown and thought it would be perfect , and it is , open it up, set him in the middle and click.. its wonderful.. the mesh is breathable and very flexible for his body as well, I love this product!!


I purchased this harness (2XS pink) in a dog boutique in Paris when I got my Coton de Tulear. It fits her wonderfully. I like that it has both velcro and a clasp. My parents, who have three Pomeranians, even decided to get some since their current harnesses don’t fit quite right.


This is an amazing harness! Our rescue mini schnauzer was having walking issues and tugging when on the leash, making her cough and possibly permanently injuring her trachea. With this harness, she cruises along nicely. It is so much easier to put on than the ones with all the straps, and she can’t possibly escape. I saw it on a little dog about her size (15 lbs.) and asked about it. I actually ended up getting two! Excellent.

Love it!!

Retailer Testimonials

Reni Hueter

Bellmidable Pet Boutique

The curli harnesses fulfil all functions that a dog owner could expect.

Walter Kaltenbacher

+10 Fressnapf Stores

For me, fast deliveries and high stock availability are definitively a Service-Plus support which curli achieves.

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