Apply as curli Brand Ambassador!


Do you and your dog love curli products and use social media?

As an official curli Brand Ambassador, you represent our brand to the community. That’s why it’s important to us that you fully identify with our values and that your dog’s wellbeing is most significant to you. The curli products should be presented with a positive text and imagery and marked with the following tags: #curli #swiss #dogharness #harnessspecialist

As an official curli Ambassador, you benefit from exclusive conditions, which is why this option is only available to a limited extent.
But we are happy about every single customer who shares the joy of our products with us and his community!
Therefore, we also continuously select current Instagram posts from our curli community to present them on our homepage.

Fundamental we expect the following from an official Ambassador:

  • The products have to be presented in a positive text/imagery.
  • Products ordered via the special conditions of the Ambassador Bonus Program may only be used for personal use, the sale of these products is not permitted.
  • As an official curli Ambassador you agree to publish pictures with harnesses from curli and with the curli Logo.