About Us

curli is a Swiss-based company that was born in 2010. The founder – Mark Zimmermann, from the Wallis Canton and his partner Roland Primus from the Graubünden Canton – are the brains behind curli. However, it was Mark’s dog Kylie that provided the initial inspiration for the company. Mark realized that there was a gap in the market for high-quality dog products that could perform under the most testing circumstances.

Mark and Roland both have a background in outdoor pursuits and winter sports - it is this experience, combined with a love of snowboarding and mountaineering that brought them together in 1993. Mark is responsible for the design orientation of the products and operations at curli. Roland will look after the strategy and the process-oriented benefits surrounding them.

As a team, they have an all or nothing approach – the products must support the claims they make – after all, when you are alone on the mountain, trust in your kit is paramount. It is this trust and reliance that sets curli products apart.


The task that these products have to fulfil is paramount in our eyes. The main purpose of curli products is to deepen the trust and subsequent relationship between human and pet. All our products have this special relationship at the forefront. This need for trust and reliability is vital when pursuing outdoor activities. The material and structure of our products is always tailored to the animal and thus provides assurance that we have the pet’s best interested at heart.

Here at curli we believe that a truly functional product is a joy to use. Our products give you peace of mind, knowing we base everything on that special trust between man and pet.

Added Value

All curli products have an added value for customers. Extra functions which setting us apart from our competitors. For example, the ‘DogFinder ID’ - that can be found under ‘pet-tags’ – can be registered free of charge on the curli Website, that will help find your pet should it go missing. Another example of the versatility of our products are the lummi LED lights. It automatically comes with several attachment options – for pet and bicycle – so you need not buy them separately.

All curli products come with value-added features. At curli we believe that value-added is the future in a world where cheap means a short lifespan and with that comes many problems.


The design of our products is more than just what it looks like – it is how it will be used. curli demands a lot from its products. The relationship between a man and his pet and their combined ability to enjoy life together - allowing the owner to be responsible for the well-being of his dog - is at the heart of our designs.

Here at curli we believe that the design of the product must give a person the security that it has the best interests of the animal at its core.

curli – giving you security in the knowledge that you are doing the best for your pet.

Our Claim

Being Swiss, we have a fine eye for detail. It is not just about the big idea – we like to focus on the intricate details and how they will impact on the overall product. Only when a product has satisfied our exceptionally high standards in quality, function, design and trust, do we allow it to be released onto the market.

Why curli?

The wellbeing of your animal combined with the best possible solution that supports the inter-action between a man and his dog is the key to our products. We stand for quality, functionality, design and trust – standards one comes to expect from the Swiss.

We never compromise on quality - it is a Swiss trait.

curli – for people who want the best for their pets
Kylie Cord
designed in Switzerland