One-piece safety rings

On those lightweight rings, the leash can be attached securely.
They are created as "one-piece" which means that they have no weld, which makes them stronger and more reliable.

One button - Quick Snap closure

After closing the velcro of the Vest Harness, you easily connect both sides of the straps with the quick snap closure, before attaching the leash to the harness.

You can also easily open it with a click on the button.

Reflective stripes

Two reflective stripes on the neck for extra safety in the dark.

Crossed Nylon straps for optimal tension distribution

If your dog pulls on the leash, this guarantees an optimal tension distribution over his whole body.
So that he doesn't have an uncomfortable feeling and his neck is protected against injuries.

Stretchable seams

The stretchable seams ensure a perfect adaptation to the dog's body and offers your dog a pleasant wearing comfort.

They also help to flexible distribute the tension, when your dog is pulling.

DogFinder™ ID

The DogFinder™ is a unique additional feature exclusive to curli products and at no additional charge!

The service is free and will provide you with a valuable extra service to help you recover your dog in the event that it should go missing.
On your curli harness you just have to lift the DogFinder™ flag on the side of the harness and register your unique DogFinder™ serial number.

Enter the details on the secure database attached to the curli server. It is possible to register multiple harnesses for the same dog or multiple dogs for the same owner!
The system is simple and runs itself twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

If a missing dog with curli harness - and registered DogFinder™-ID - is found, the finder can follow the information on the DogFinder™ logo and report the dog as "found" on our website.
Immediately the dog's owner will be informed that the missing dog has been found.

This is how the DogFinder™ helps to reunite dog and owner as quickly as possible.

Click to go to the DogFinder™ website

Adjustable size with Velcro fastener

The Velcro fastener offers an additional size adjustment option - for the perfect fit.

Anatomically shaped and cushioned neck area

With our harnesses the pressure does not take place in the dog's sensitive neck region and the pulling forces can be distributed much better, than with a collar.

The pulling force of the leash is distributed over the whole body of the dog and not just on the sensitive neck area.

Cooling effect when immersed in water

The air mesh material we use is characterized by a particularly high air permeability. This is what enables these unique harnesses to provide such an effective cooling function on hot summer days.

Simply immerse the harness in cold water.
If the harness is put on the dog afterwards, a pleasant and long-lasting cooling effect is created.

"3D comfort fit"

All curli harnesses incorporate this unique design and manufacturing process.
This is a manufacturing method in which several layers of fabric are processed.

The 3D shape is created when multiple layers of material, cut in extremely precise patterns, are sewn together, forming a 3-dimensional core shape.
Have you noticed that a curli harness will not lay completely flat when it is not in use by your dog? That’s the hallmark of 3D Comfort Fit.

This generates a perfect adaption to the dog's anatomy.
So that your dog is not restricted in his movement, for a stress free control.

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