The smallest, lightest and strongest leash
Ultra Strong Pocket Leash

MSRP USD 27.99

  • Ultra strong Dyneema rope 1.7 times stronger than steel
  • Spliced loops on the Dyneema rope for a long and safe product life span
  • Variable Webbing hand strap, the most comfortable hand strap on the market
  • 2 lengths available: 160 cm/63″ & 110 cm/43″
  • Pocket foldable, the leash disappears in your pocket it‘s so small and foldable
  • Ultra light, it feels as if you do not have a leash in your hand
  • Stainless Steel Snap Hook, 5 times stronger then regular snap hooks
  • Dog waste bag dispenser; to always have a poop bag at hand
  • Dyneema rope doesn’t rip up to a tensile load of 620kg / 1370lb
  • The hand strap doesn’t tear up to a weight of 290 kg / 555lb
  • We are one of a few brands using high-strength stainless marine steel, the Snap Hook only bends, if the tensile load exceeds 195kg / 430lb

  • Hand wash / No fabric softener / Do not tumble

    0.0772 lb
    Rop/Belts: Dyneema/Polyester / Snap Hook: Stainless-Steel
    The Story behind
    From our time in outdoor sports, we know that every tool needs to be small, light, comfortable and functional - without compromises. We apply this principle to our new Ultra Strong Pocket Leash. All components are made of the best materials that modern technology has to offer. The base material is Dyneema, a high-quality fibre, which is 1.7 times stronger than steel. For the hand strap, we use variable webbing for more comfort and with the splice technology we achieve unbreakable seams. In addition, we integrate a stainless steel Snap Hook. All of these components combined create the most compact, lightest weight and strongest leash on the market.

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