Retractable Leash - Designed for maximum freedom
Retractable Leash

MSRP USD 32.99

  • 4 Meter / 13,12feet (M) or 5 Meter belt / 16,4feet (L)
  • Reflective Terylene belt for extra safety at night
  • Rubberized handle for secure grip
  • Separate Stop and Go Buttons
  • Hole for attaching of accessories
  • For dogs up to 16kg / 35lb (M) / 21kg / 46lb (L)
  • 0.377 lb
    Belts: Terrylene / Snap Hook: Zinc-Alloy / Case: ABS
    The Story behind
    Dogs usually don’t like being on the leash. However, as a dog owner you will know that in some situations, there simply isn’t an alternative. The retractable leash is one of curli’s first products. When we needed a decent retractable leash ourselves, we trawled the specialist shops but found nothing suitable. We were especially disappointed by the designs that were available. That’s why we created our own simple canvas one. The shape and design of the retractable leash is as small as possible in terms of ergonomics, so that the product is also as light as possible. The result a compact leash with maximum freedom of movement for your dog.

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