Different attaching options

You can use our luumi lights differently and not only on your dog's harness. Simply attach it anywhere, where you need to increase the visibility in the dark.

Three sizes for variable attaching options

You get two luumi lights (incl. batteries) and six flexible silicone bands in three sizes per box. With them you have variable attaching options to be seen all around.

Two luumis per box

For the optimal visibility you always get two luumis per box, so that you can attach one of each size of the harness.

Ultra light - only 10g

When we developed our luumi's we wanted them to be as light as possible to use it also on very young dogs.

With only 10g we definetly reached that goal and designed a product that helps every dog owner to make his dog visible in the dark.

Splash proof through Silicone housing

The silicone shell protects the luumis and their function even in the heaviest storm or snow.

Latest generation of blue LED's for best visibility

The bright blue LED's have an approximated burn time of 400 hours when used flashing - and approximated 180 hours if used permanent.When the batteries are empty, they can easily be replaced.
Ultra-light, small and bright LED safety lights with variable attaching solutions
luumi LED

MSRP USD 21.99

  • Bright blue LED‘s from the latest generation for best visibility
  • Ultra light, only 10g
  • Small, only 32mm / 1,25inch in diameter and 11mm / 0,43inch high
  • Silicone housing and therefore Splash proof
  • Flashing: Approximately 400 hours burn time
  • Permanent:. Approximately 180 hours burn time
  • 6 flexible silicone bands in three sizes for variable attaching options 2 luumis per box (incl. batteries) to be seen all around
  • Easily replaceable batteries
  • 0.0463 lb

    Case: Silicone/ABS / Batteries: CR2032

    The Story behind
    From our outdoor activities we know headlamps. On the one hand, they help us see where we are going and on the other, help us to be seen. When we developed an LED light for dogs, we bore the same safety requirements in mind when we set about designing it. It had to be light enough to be used on very young dogs. In addition, you can attach it where it makes the most sense – be it on the collar, leash or harness. Another requirement of luumi was that it does not give up the ghost even in the heaviest rain or snow. For this, we constructed the silicone shell. We are very proud of the result that is luumi – it’s small, light and flexible.
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