Lok connection system on both sides

You have a Lok connection system on both sides - which means that you can attach a Lok Leash on each side or use the heavy duty stretch band with the central connection to attach a Lok Leash for a handsfree operation.

Pocket with zipper in the back

The pocket with the zipper in the back of the Lok-Waistbelt can be used to storage personal items like the key to your Apartment.

Combine it with the Lok Basic Leash

Using it as a leash allows you to guide your dog safely next to the street as you are off the running track, without having to carry an extra leash to your workout.
As soon as you are on your running track - simply separate the leash from the handle and attach it to the Lok Waist Belt.

Two velcro straps

Perfect to attach the wrist strap or luumi LED safety lights.

Hands free operation

No matter if you use it for jogging or hiking, when you combine the Lok Basic Leash with the Lok Waist Belt you can do it hands free and still be connected with your dog.

The sporty, comfortable Waist belt with the unique Lok system
Lok Waist Belt

MSRP USD 48.99

  • Design stems from Alpine climbing gear, for maximum comfort and safety
  • Available in two sizes and adjustable in girth
  • Size S / M 50cm to 80cm 19.6inch to 31.5inch Size L / XL 80cm to 110cm 31.5inch to 43.3inch
  • Lok connection system on both sides to connect to Lok leads
  • Heavy Duty stretch band with central connection to attach a Lok lead, for handsfree operation
  • Pocket with zipper in the back, for storage of personal items
  • 2 velcro straps on the back for attaching the wrist strap, or luumi LED safety lights

  • Hand wash / No fabric softener / Do not tumble

    0.5688 lb
    Fabric: Polyester/Nylon / Belts: Nylon/Polyester / Buckles: Zinc-Alloy/POM
    The Story behind
    The Lok-System is another milestone in the history of curli. Used in con- junction with the Lok Leash Basic, it is the perfect solution for jogging or walking. Everything fits and can be easily combined.