Closed metal D-rings

On those lightweight metal rings, the leash can be attached securely.
They are created as "one-piece" which means that they have no weld, which makes them stronger and more reliable.

Closed stainless steel ring

Like the metal D-rings, the stainless steel ring is made of "one-piece", which means that it has no weld, which makes it stronger and more reliable, when you attach the leash on it.


Use the adjustable leash on three different lengths. You can also attach two dogs at the same time to it, or use it hands free when you put it around your shoulder.

It is especially convenient to attach the leash to an object like a chair or table, when you visit a Cafe or Restaurant with your dog and want to have your hands free.

Dog waste bag dispenser

All of our leashes have this small tool, where you easily can attach a poop bag for your dog, to always have one at hand.

Tube Nylon

The fine weave is exclusive to curli.
It is finely woven for the very best grip, control and security.

The special feature is that it is produced in the form of a tube to meet our high requirements.

It can be held comfortably in any position and is also tear resistant and hard-wearing.

Safety Snap-In hook-carabiner

The Snap-In safety hook design, allows a quick attachment to the harness, with just one hand.

Three adjustable settings, comfortable and flexible
Adjustable Leash Nylon

MSRP USD 31.99

  • 200cm / 6.56feet x 1.5cm / 0,59" (M)
  • 200cm / 6.56feet x 2cm / 0,78" (L)
  • 3 way adjustable lead with closed metal ring
  • Matching safety Snap Hook and rings as curli harnesses
  • “Tube Nylon” that’s finely woven for the very best grip, control and security
  • Dog waste bag dispenser

  • Hand wash / No fabric softener / Do not tumble

    0.1874 lb

    Belts: Nylon/Polyester / Snap Hook: Zinc-Alloy / D-Rings: Stainless Steel / Zinc-Alloy

    The Story behind
    It took a long time to find the right ma- terial for our lead, because we had a clear idea of the feel and weight we required, combined with the material being able to meet our safety requirements. In addition, the lead has to be able to be held comfortably in any position. We finally found the solution by using integrated “Tube - Nylon”. The fine weave that is exclusive to curli, meets our requirements. In addition, the material is tear resistant and hard- wearing. The lead comes with a Dog Waste Bag Dispenser and sports the highest quality eyelets and Snap hook. You will be hard pressed to find a bet- ter quality lead, with this level of detail, for sale anywhere.
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