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Helpful tips from curli on vacationing with your four-legged friends

This year everything is a quite different because of COVID-19.

You are probably not traveling very far from home or taking as many short get-away excursions.

But everyone still needs a little R & R, including your beloved pets.
So this article is all about how to travel safely with your pets while also looking after their special needs

That is why we have summarized some very important points so that you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a little summer or early fall vacation.

Things to consider

Are you driving or flying to your getaway paradise? How long does it take to get there?
Are there new rules or regulations (due to Covid-19) that apply to the respective states or countries? Is there a muzzle requirement? Does your dog need his vaccination certificate?
What else has changed in the destination locations regarding Covid-19? What documents do you need?

In most European countries, the rabies vaccination must still be valid and administered at least 21 days before crossing the border.
Good preparation is the key.
The more you research in advance, the better and, above all, more relaxed the trip will be.

Basic tips

Traveling is stressful for almost every dog. Nothing can be done about that as It goes into an unknown environment with an almost infinite number of new sensory impressions.
However, you can make sure that this stress is kept as low as possible.

One key is  by sticking to your usual routine as much as possible.
For example: Take your dog‘s favorite unwashed blanket or basket with you. Also pack the usual food.
If possible, keep the same schedule as at home. So usual feeding times, playing times and walking routines.
All these well-known processes give your dog something familiar and add to their sense of  security.

Traveling by car

Since many people travel by car due to the current circumstances, here are some specific tips that apply: Make sure you always have a bowl, food and enough drinking water with you.
Never leave your dog alone in the car!
You should expect a longer journey time, as your dog needs regular stops and to go for walks.
Please keep in mind that your dog must be secured while driving, even if you are traveling with a rental car.

For this, we recommend the curli car safety belt.

It is compact and easy to use with several security attachment methods including to both the seat belt and the Isofix system.

You Can Relax when you are well prepared

The more you have prepared in advance, the more relaxed your getaway will be.

If the weather is going to be hot, we recommend an appropriate dog harness. For example an air-permeable curli Air-Mesh harness which can be immersed in water to provide a pleasantly cool feeling.
If you are planning on bringing your dog with you on all of your daily excursions, make sure to find some shady and cool locations for him to relax for a while.

With especially heat-sensitive dogs, it makes sense to go for a walk in the morning or evening.

Our light luumi LED safety lights provide added safety for walks in unknown surroundings.
And if you are usually off-leash with your dog (be it on the beach or in the mountains) we recommend the Ultra Strong Pocket Leash. So you always have a strong and space-saving leash with you, as it can be folded so small that it fits in any pocket.
Now we wish you a wonderful and hopefully very relaxing vacation with your loved ones.
Yours curli team
With the dog's safety and comfort in mind
+41 41 510 80 80

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