Belka dog harness Brown

Belka Harness Brown

Belka dog harness Red

Belka Harness Red

Belka dog harness Black

Belka Harness Black


Makes walking larger dogs easy and more comfortable


The requirement for a harness suitable for big dogs is quite different. The pulling force of a large dog creates completely different demands on the materials and the shape of the breastplates. We had three years of intense development before we came up with the Belka breastplate. The placement of the buckles and choice of material took into consideration the complexities of the strain of a pulling dog and the stress the materials will need to endure because of that. Next, we had to make sure that the harnesses allow the dog freedom of movement, while making sure the handler remains in full control. In order to achieve this, we placed eyelets in the front and the rear - the front for more direct commands and the rear for more athletic activities. The Belka Harness is named after one of the first two dogs to go into outer space and return safely to Earth, as part of the Soviet space program in 1957.

Function & Design

  • Size Adjustable around the neck and chest for an ideal fit
  • Velcro closures at the neck area to help setting the neck circumference
  • Padded buckles and thus no pressure points
  • Two D-rings to attach the leash, on top of the neck for optimal control, in the back area for pulling use
  • All around reflective seams for added safety in the dark
  • Padded handle for holding and lifting
  • Reinforced wired seamsfor better dimensional stability

3d-comfort-fit Control & Comfort


Lightweight, air permeable stretch Air-Mesh cooling effect when immersed in water

Belka dog harness Brown
Belka dog harness Red
Belka dog harness Black

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The DogFinder™ is a unique additional feature exclusive to curli products and at no additional charge! The service is free and will provide you with a valuable extrafunction to help you recover your dog in the event that it should go missing.


Adjustable Leash

Triple adjustable, comfortable and flexible

It took a long time to find the right ma- terial for our lead, because we had a clear idea of the feel and weight we required, combined with the material being able to meet our safety requirements. In addition, the lead has to be able to be held comfortably in any position. We finally found the solution by using integrated “Tube - Nylon”. The fine weave that is exclusive to curli, meets our requirements. In addition, the material is tear resistant and hard- wearing. The lead comes with a Dog Waste Bag Dispenser and sports the highest quality eyelets and carabiner. You will be hard pressed to find a bet- ter quality lead, with this level of detail, for sale anywhere

Function & Design

  • 200cm / 6.56feet x 1.5cm / 0,59inch or 2cm / 0,78inch
  • 3 way adjustable lead with closed metal ring
  • Matching safety snap hook and rings as curli harnesses
  • “Tube Nylon” that’s finely woven for the very best grip, control and security
  • Dog waste bag dispenser

Size-Chart Belka Harness

Measure along the lines outgoing from the * withers.

  • Size
  • 1 - Shoulder / cm
  • 2 - Chest / cm
  • 1 - Shoulder / inch
  • 2 - Chest / inch
  • S
  • 37 - 45
  • 48 - 66
  • 14,56“-17,71“
  • 18,89“-25.98“
  • M
  • 41 - 49
  • 52 - 73
  • 16,14“-19.29“
  • 20.47“-28,74“
  • L
  • 44 - 52
  • 58 - 83
  • 17,32“-20,47“
  • 22.83“-32,67“
  • XL
  • 49 - 58
  • 68 - 104
  • 19,29“-22,83“
  • 26.77“-40,94“